To create,
evolve and never stop

To create something outstanding, you have to start with the basics and gain experience.

That’s exactly how we started our way more than 20 years ago – from those who learn to those that inspire others. We don’t want to simply sell things, we want to create feelings by offering fully-equipped room with natural material furniture for a sense of cosiness and perfection.

CEO of the company – Juris Grikis

We go beyond producing and selling furniture. We focus on the full concept and idea of the room.

Under each collection idea there are individually designed and shaped pieces that each fill a specific purpose.

Nothing is made just to simply look good.

We design a function, we design the full soul of the room and highlight it through the details of each piece.

Different styles for each taste!

for the modern contemporary.

for those who want to enhance a bit of present-day retro style.

for the lovers of classical values.

And many more to choose from.

We always strive for the three main things - design, function and quality.

Beds with a storage box astonishingly fulfill all three major values.

But remember one thing - your night (and therefore also the day) will be nothing without a quality mattress.


We work every day, offering a sleeping system with the highest level of ergonomics combined with the comfort of natural materials, so that people in our cherished beds would spend blissful and magical nights.

Springbed - for those who are looking for the best solution for a small space and want to design their own bed.

Attach legs and headboard to any “Pils Matraci” mattress and the new bed is ready!

Waking up in the bedroom and continuing the day in the living room.

To enhance the much needed easy going vibe of the living room, we have designed furniture for both the aesthetic and the comfort lover in you.

Become a part of a great journey! Discover more about partnership possibilities and contact us today!